Juke Town is a third person, online multiplayer game based on Chicago’s unparalleled footwork culture. Players can interact through social networking, music events , parties and footwork dance battles. Players will be able to socialize complete missions, host events or participate in footwork battles.

Players will be able to battle and chat with friends and rivals online. The game unifies footworkers, producers, DJʼs, and fans through an free online multiplayer experience in an immersive 3D world simulating a real life community.

Gain popularity by winning Trophies, Shoes and Juke Bucks, the currency of Juke Town, which can be used to purchase in-game merchandise, place bets on footwork battles, and much more.

  • Choose from four character roles: Footworker, Producer, DJ, and Citizen

  • Create and Join Groups

  • Participate or host Footwork battles, competitions, and tournaments

  • Earn Juke Bucks, gain street cred, and level-up

  • Customize your character to fit your style

  • Collect All 100 rare sneakers

  • Open your own dance studio

  • Play online with friends

  • Leader boards


Juke Town was inspired by Footwurk The Legacy, a short film by Akeem Pennicooke that explores footwork’s impact on Chicago’s impoverished communities. As a game-designer and lover of footwork culture, Pennicooke wanted to pair footwork with a new medium and create a video game for footworkers to enjoy.

Many people in the footwork community have wanted a video game for years. We’re working with Chicago footworkers to make that dream a reality.


The ultimate goal of Juke Town is to create a small piece of history as a community for everyone to enjoy.

By creating Juke Town, we hope to express the footwork culture through a new medium that promotes fun and entertainment and gives footworkers and the younger generation a new platform to express and promote their art and entrepreneurship skills.

Revenue from the game will go directly back into the development of the game and the Chicago Footwork Community.